Mega Casino World Refer Code – Claim ৳ 12,000 BDT!

Our company tries to make sure that players, in addition to the best slots on the market, get the maximum benefit for themselves. That’s why every customer can use MCW refer code through their account. This is one of the most favorable offers on the market, because by activating the code XXXX, you get 50% of your deposit, and the amount can be up to 12,000 BDT for casino games. If you have any questions or problems with the use of the code, you can always contact our support team, whose employees are always ready to help our customers regardless of the complexity of the situation.

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What is the MCW refer code?

MCW refer code is a specific set of letters and numbers that cannot be simply guessed or accidentally found. Each player has this code and it is individual. It is necessary if you want to invite your friend to register at our casino. You can simply provide your friend with your referral code, and after he enters it during registration and becomes our full-fledged client, you get a reward.

How to use MCW refer code?

It is very easy to use the referral code, and you can do it both through the site on PC and on mobile devices as follows:


Step 1

Go to the official Mega Casino World website;

step 1 go the official mcw website

Step 2

Log in to your account;

step 2 log in your personal account

Step 3

Click on your profile;

step 3 click on the member center button

Step 4

Click on “Referral” to see your code;

step 4 click on the referral button

Step 5

Copy the link to the site and forward it to a friend who wants to sign up.

step 5 copy the referral link

After your friend clicks on this link, the code will be automatically entered in the required field. In addition to this method, you can also copy the code itself and provide it, then your friend will have to enter it manually. After he/she completes the account creation, your referral status will be updated, and you will be able to get your bonus.

MCW refer code

mcw different refer codes for users

Different codes provide completely different bonuses, more details about the bonuses we offer to our users can be found in the following table:

50% deposit bonus up to 12,000 BDTXXXX1Get a bonus
600 BDT for refer a friendXXXX2Get a bonus

We are constantly developing our referral, and in general bonus system, so that the offers are becoming more favorable every day and the number of them is increasing.

How to use refer code on MCW app?

Players of the MCW app will also be able to benefit from the referral code, it is used in the following way:


Step 1

Open Mega Casino World on your mobile device;

step 1 open website in your app

Step 2

Authorize your account;

step 2 fill your account information

Step 3

Click on your personal account;

step 3 click on the button my account

Step 4

Select “Referral”.

step 4 click on the referral

After that, all you have to do is copy your code and send it to your friend so that he can paste it during registration, and you will get your bonus.


What is a referral code?

MCW refer code is a certain set of numbers and letters, which, when activated, gives a bonus to its owner. Every player who has registered can go to his personal cabinet and familiarize himself with this code. Providing it to a new client who creates his account.

Is it obligatory to use the referral code?

No, you may never provide it if you don’t want to receive any bonus from new players. It is not mandatory for anyone.

Can I provide the code to more than one person?

Yes, you can provide your code immediately to several friends or just acquaintances who are going to sign up on the platform. In doing so, you will get a lucrative bonus from each one.