Cricket Betting at Mega Casino World (MCW)

MCW betting cricket is a good pastime that can reward you with some good winnings. From seasoned punters to newcomers, everyone can find their place among the competitive odds and enticing bonuses MCW offers. It’s where cricket betting meets convenience and excitement, making every wager an exhilarating experience.

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Benefits of Cricket Betting at MCW

At Mega Casino World (MCW), cricket enthusiasts discover a realm where their passion for the sport intertwines with the thrill of betting. The platform offers a wide range of bets, but there are also other advantages for which bettors choose MCW.

  • Variety of Matches. MCW offers a wide range of cricket matches to bet on, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Competitive Odds. Enjoy competitive odds that add excitement to every bet you place.
  • Special Bonuses. Take advantage of exclusive bonuses tailored specifically for cricket betting and all sports events.
  • Live Betting. Watch how your bet plays out and follow the match in real-time, thanks to the broadcast available directly on the site.

The main advantage of the platform is, of course, that it is legal in Bangladesh. The site operates under a Curaçao Gaming Control Board license, which guarantees the honesty, legality and security of your data, bets, transactions, etc.

How to Bet on Cricket at Mega Casino World?

Placing a bet is as easy as collecting your winnings. But first, do not forget that only registered users who have reached the age of majority can play and place bets for real money. Otherwise, to get started, you need to follow these steps:


Sign Up.

Register an account at MCW by clicking on the golden button at the top. Before registering, don’t forget to check out the platform’s T&C, which contains the main conditions, rules, description of promotions, etc., for Bangladeshi users.


Deposit Funds.

Add funds to your account using methods like e.g. bKash, NGAD or even crypto.


Navigate to the Cricket Section.

Open the Sports section and then select one out of three options. If this is your first experience, be sure to check all of them to get full picture of betting at MCW.


Select Bet Type.

You can choose from various bet types, such as match-winner or handicap betting. For some events, different betting variations will be available depending on the sport.


Confirm Bet.

Review your selections and click “Place Bet”.

Now, all you have to do is wait for the match to end and get your money. Information about the outcome is updated from official sources within 1-2 minutes after the announcement. Betting on cricket at Mega Casino World is easy, and now you know how to get started.

Bonuses for Cricket Betting

bonuses on cricket events

The bonus available to bettors is divided into several options: permanent, event and one-time. This allows you to enjoy betting at different stages, starting from the moment of registration and with regular gambling.

A feature of bonuses for sports betting is their focus on stimulating and maintaining interest in sporting events and betting on them. As a result, no matter what category of bettors you belong to. But, it is recommended to read the terms and conditions of bonuses carefully. To do this, you can click on the bonus banner and familiarize yourself with their benefits, conditions and how to use them.

Sports 0.5% Unlimited Daily Rebate

Sports 0.5% Unlimited Daily Rebate at MCW is a bonus program where users receive a daily cashback of 0.5% of their sports betting turnover. This cashback has no limits on the amount and can be received every day. In other words, even if your bets were unsuccessful, you will still get some of your losses back in the form of cashback.

Sportsbook 50% First Deposit Bonus 3,000 BDT

You are guaranteed to receive a first deposit bonus of up to 3,000 BDT. All you need to do is tap on the bonus banner and deposit the minimum amount. As a result, you will receive your 50% bonus and increase your bankroll. This promotion is available once per account.

Cricket World Cup up to 38,000,000 BDT

The Cricket World Cup is the main event in the world of cricket, so MCW will not leave you without a unique promotion. During the tournament, for every 1000 BDT, you wager (in any sports betting category), you will receive 1 ticket. The number of tickets is unlimited.

These tickets are needed to take part in the drawing, which is divided into two rounds. In each of them you can take a certain place, from 1 to 5000. The higher your place, the more prize you will receive. The total prize pool is 38,000,000 BDT. This bonus is an event promotion and will be available for the duration of the Cricket World Cup. Therefore, hurry up and get as many tickets as possible because the number you can have is not limited.

Types of Cricket Betting at MCW

Mega Casino World (MCW) offers several types of cricket bets to suit players’ varied preferences and strategies. Bets for cricket may differ slightly (based on the characteristics of this sport), but they retain four main types.

  • Winner of the match
  • Over/Under
  • Handicap bet
  • Live MCW Betting

Live betting is the most popular. This type of bet allows you to place bets during the match. You can react to the current state of the game and place bets on various events, such as the number of runs in the current over or the result of a particular moment in the match. Moreover, you can watch some matches directly on the official MCW website, so live cricket (and not only) betting will be much easier and more convenient for you.

This variety of betting options keeps cricket at MCW exciting and accessible for all levels of bettors. So choose one or even several options, make a deposit and cheer for your favorite team.

popular cricket events on mcw

At Mega Casino World (MCW), you can find bets on a range of popular and less popular cricket competitions. But still, the world of cricket is known for top events, for example:

  • Indian Premier League. IPL is one of the most popular tournaments in the world of cricket. It involves teams from different Indian cities and other countries. Due to its highly competitive nature and exciting matches, IPL attracts many viewers and bettors.
  • Cricket World Cup. The Cricket World Cup is held every four years and brings together the strongest teams from around the world. This tournament is the pinnacle of world cricket and, due to its prestige and significance, attracts a huge number of spectators and bettors.
  • Twenty20 World Cup. An international tournament in which teams from various countries participate. In this format of the game, special attention is paid to dynamism and a convenient schedule for both teams and bettors.
  • Bangladesh Premier League. BPL is a national tournament in Bangladesh involving teams from various cities. It is especially popular and in demand among Bangladeshi cricket fans.

These tournaments represent only a small portion of betting cricket is offered on the MCW website. Here, you will find bets on many other cricket and other events based on your personal preferences. During periods when major events go into the “reboot”, various youth leagues or games of lower divisions gain popularity. And all this is available on the MCW platform.


What bonuses are available for cricket betting on MCW?

MCW offers bonuses such as a first deposit bonus, cricket World Cup promotions, and daily rebates on cricket betting turnover.

Is cricket betting legal at MCW?

Yes, cricket betting at MCW operates within the legal framework of its jurisdiction, providing a safe and regulated betting environment.

What types of cricket betting are available at MCW?

MCW offers various types of cricket betting options, including match winner, over/under, handicap betting, and live betting, catering to different preferences and strategies.